Art by Erika Taguchi-Newton

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Long Time, No See!

Hello, it's been a long time. Are you still out there, blogsters?

My last blog post was almost 2 years ago! I've manage to get some paintings done, but it's been hard with this whole motherhood thing. I'm definitely not a natural at nurturing, but my little guy is a pretty cool dude.

Doing art shows and events have been more difficult. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be at GenCon or DragonCon this year. We had some health issues in the family and had to cancel last minute. In fact, it's the night before Gen Con, and I'm very sad that I'm not there. I'm telling myself to get over it and move on.

Moving on...

In the next few weeks, I'm hoping to catch up with this blog and post what I've been working on the last 2 years.

Catching Fireflies
Catching Fireflies - Acrylic on board - 11x14 (Prints Available)
This piece (homage to Firefly show) was done for Nerdcore Art Show at Ink & Pistons Tattoo and Art Gallery, in January 2013.

Here's a sketch of little River with her net:
Catching Fireflies Sketch