Art by Erika Taguchi-Newton

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

February Re-cap

The second month of the year blew by like it's the shortest month of the year! Oh wait...

Couple new pieces were completed for the monthly art shows - Howley's and The Lounge. Both themes were Valentine-based so I did companion pieces - "Roses are Red" & "Violets are Blue".

Violets are blue

Roses are Red

These were painted on very soft wood panels. I learned a few things about painting on wood. If you don't have the wood sealed, because acrylic is water-based medium, it will make the grain of the wood more rough. I found an excellent sealer called "Sanding Sealer" by FolkArt found at a craft store. I only needed to sand lightly to get rid of the fibers and it kept the wood smooth no matter how much medium I was using.

I am still experimenting with painting on gold and silver leaf. I have one tip about applying the adhesive. Make sure you brush it on smooth and leave no beading or texture. You will be able to see every rough brush stroke when you apply the leaves. I have been painting on it with acrylics by applying 2 thick layers of matte medium for the surface. And I have also tried water-soluable oils. But I think it's time to bring out the real oils.

Now my attention shifts to March and what it will bring at the end of it - MegaCon! New pieces are in process. Prints, banner, travel plans... lots to do.