Art by Erika Taguchi-Newton

Sunday, February 21, 2010


(Submitted to Illustration Friday theme - Perspective, because I needed perspective help on the rocket from a friend who is a very talented 3D artist.)

A little bit steampunk, a little bit pulp (get it... orange... pulp), this piece is for The Sunshine Show at Bear & Bird. I'm really waiting til the last minute to submit this one - due tomorrow!

Rocketgirl - Final

This small painging (6x6) is done with very thin glazes of acrylic over very detailed pencil drawing on clayboard. I have a removable panel with a fake retro advertising message, made out of balsa wood. Can't decide if I want to make it permanent, can't decide on placement either.

Rocketgirl - "Lift Off with Florida Oranges!"


WIP Rocketgirl - Sketch

WIP Rocketgirl - Pencils1

WIP Rocketgirl - Pencils 2

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sea Lion Dream (Lost Selkie)

Sea Lion Dream - Final

Continuing with my Dream concept (Armadillo Dream), this month's piece is about a selkie that lost her seal skin and can't get back to the sea. The giga-monstrous crab? The creature came to me right before I fell asleep - we call him Crabicus.

My step-by-step:

WIP Sea Lion Dream - Rough sketch
rough sketch 1

WIP Sea Lion Dream - Rough sketch 2
rough sketch 2

WIP Sea Lion Dream - Rough sketch 3
rough sketch 3

WIP Sea Lion Dream - Rough sketch 4
rough sketch 4

WIP Sea Lion Dream - Rough color
color comp in photoshop

WIP Sea Lion Dream - Pencils 2
pencils 1

WIP Sea Lion Dream - Pencils 3
pencils 2

WIP Sea Lion Dream - Step 1
paint 1

WIP Seal Lion Dream - Paint 2
paint 2

WIP Sea Lion Dreams - Paint 3
paint 3

WIP Sea Lion Dream - Paint 4
paint 4

I will be submitting this to this month's Howley's local artist show. The theme is "Out to Sea."

UPDATE: On the wall at Howley's!

Photo by Amanda Linton

Thursday, February 11, 2010



Taking a break from my big painting project - this little illustration is for Illustration Friday theme, "Muddy". I think this is a bit of a self-portrait. I don't think I liked getting dirty when I was a little girl, though eventually I became a tomboy.

This is a pencil sketch colorized in PhotoShop with watercolor brushes.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My First Interview (Citylink)

GASP! It's out! My very first interview! And it's a 2-pager! I assumed it was a feature on multiple artists from the Howley's art show, but no, just me... Boring me... I think I will be hiding under the covers for a week.

February Citylink

Here's a link to the online version.