Art by Erika Taguchi-Newton

Monday, August 29, 2011

There be DragonCon!

I'll be going off to Atlanta end of this week to attend DragonCon, my first out-of-state show. I still have a lot to do, including finishing a painting to be displayed there at the Art Show, and getting all my prints ready. I will have a Bazaar Table (BT-18) at, what looks like on the floor plans, the back wall of the Grand Hall West at the Hyatt Regency (Exhibit Level). If you are anywhere near Atlanta, you need to check out this convention. It is the ultimate geek fest (my kinda place!). And if you do check it out, I hope you'll stop by my table and say "hi."

Here's a little sneak peek of what's on my easel right now:
WIP - Blowfish Dream

I played around with this idea last year for a group art show at Pink Ghost, and I always wanted to do a bigger version of it:
Blowfish Dreams

Also finished for DragonCon is another huladollsquidgirl piece:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My apology letter to Edward Hopper

Dear Mr. Hopper,

Yes, it's true. Another pathetic parody has been painted of your masterpiece, "Nighthawks."

And I'm sorry, I did it. But rest assured it will never be as widely known as that nails-on-the-chalkboard version, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams."

I know there has been many over the years from The Simpsons to that one with chickens, so I'm positive mine is not the worst offense. Yes, I butchered your lonely composition and the stark balance of warm and cool lighting. But please understand, I did it out of respect and love of your work. The task of recreating the mood you set has taught me that I have a lot to learn. I hope if we ever meet in the afterlife, you will not dismiss me completely, but pat me on my head and say, "at least you tried."



Here's my "Nighthawks" homage, with the classic Univeral monsters:

Night at Karloff's
"Night at Karloff's" - 20x16 Acrylics

And some works-in-progress:

Sketches: Nighthawks
Some sketches of the classic Universal monsters

Sketch - Wolfman
Final Wolfman sketch

WIP: Nighthawks pencils
Final pencils on board

WIP - The Bride
The Bride is starting to get some color

WIP - The Wolfman
Wolfie is getting there

WIP - Karloff's (Color)

I wish I did a more horizontal piece like Hopper's original. It's just not the same without the street scene. Note to self: work more on composition. And don't mess with a masterpiece.