Art by Erika Taguchi-Newton

Thursday, August 26, 2010


It's been busy couple of months, and I don't see it slowing down. It's a good thing - keeps me on my toes (I'm short so I'm always on my toes...). Quick little update before getting back to work. This piece is hanging at Howley's with it's sister-painting, Skyspa. More fun with kit-bashing and gold leaf.

(UPDATE: Prints available!)

Invasion - Final

WIP - Invasion sketch

"Invasion" maquette - lighting

"Invasion" maquette


Jedediah said...

Woooow. Very cool!

E.V. said...

awesome...i love it

Anonymous said...

And you build models? Way cool.

Isabelle said...

Wow! I am speachless! Just beautiful.. love this! And the fact that it is a girl-hero! I talked about that on one of my old post, on how girls dont have a lot of super-hero-girl. One more because of you! Yeah!! hehehe

Juan said...

Fantastic!!! Magical woek!!

Rebekah Joy Plett said...

I agree with Isabelle, I love the hero-girl aspect of it. It's something I'm moving towards in some of my own work, as well.

I instantly fell in love with your work the second I saw it on Little Lina's blog. I love, love, LOVE it. Keep it up, I want to see more. Speaking of, do you have an online portfolio I can check out? Please let me know! Thank you.

Erika (Raven Girl) said...

Thank you all for the kind compliments! Isabelle & Rebekah, I love strong women characters. And drawing powerful girls is so much more interesting. Rebekah, I'm currently working on my main portfolio site. The problem is I rather be painting - hehe :) Hopefully it'll be done by end of year.

Rue Design said...

This is amazing.