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Friday, July 9, 2010

Skyspa - Experiment with Gold Leaf

Skyspa - Final

Last few weeks, I've been having a ball doing this illustration. I started out with building a maquette of the flying vespa that Rocketgirl is riding. A little bit of kit-bashing and some clay, the "skyspa" is made out of a plastic Vespa die-cast and a B-25 model. The hobby shop guy was first very confused when I told him my plan, but soon got into it and gave me great model-making tips.

WIP - Skyspa Maquette

Then to make it even more hard on myself, I decided to try a new technique with gold leaf. Used through out history, from religious iconography, Klimt, to tramp art, I've always had a soft spot for gold leaf. Everything I read about it told me I should use oils, but I just didn't have the time. So I experimented with acrylics, and found a way to work with it. I hope to improve my technique in the future. Here's my test:

Rocketgirl - gold leaf test

I'm really happy with the finish product. Unfortunately it doesn't photograph or scan well, so I don't know how the prints will come out. Obviously, the prints won't have the metallic finish.

I had to do a pretty detailed final sketch before transferring to board. Since I couldn't really draw on the gold, I needed a good reference to go by.

WIP - Skyspa sketch

I also entered it in the Pinkghost's group art show - "Screw Nostalgia - I Want the Future". It should be a great show with awesome artists, so stop by if you are in town. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it for opening night (July 17th), but the exhibit is month long.


MA Mansur said...


[rich] said...

Great work :-D Love both pieces. Model is ace - are you going to make the Girl and bot as well?

Zook said...

Loved seeing the individual components on flickr, but it was a real pleasure to read your process here. Thanks for the glimpse!

Raven Girl said...

Thanks all!
[rich], I was really tempted to. Maybe in the future.

lauren carney said...

i must say you are incredibly talented!
your illustrated babes are the best!
i am immensely impressed!
x x

Anonymous said...

I saw you at the Norton during James Gurney's class but I don't think we recognized each other. Anyway, it was very cool to see you again after all these years :)

Remember Munger?

Raven Girl said...

Sorry, Anonymous - you'll have to give me more info... Yes, I totally remember Munger. Were you in his class?