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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Inspirelements and Skellies

It'd been a busy summer. I can't believe it's fall. And I haven't posted anything since July! Next few days, I hope to catch up with all the things I've been involved in.

Inspirelements was started by a group of artists/crafters who want to share our skills with other crafters. We do custom artwork like logos, banners, promotions and websites/blogs. We are also selling our own work. So stop by and check us out at

Currently I am selling on etsy my Skellies series. They are cute little living-dead critters. No they won't eat your brain, but maybe your hearts! (Little zombie humor teehee)

Skelly Pig Closeup
Skelly Squirrel Closeup
Skelly Cat Closeup

They are hand-painted and hand-embroidered on black tshirts (available at

Skelly Pig Tshirt

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