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Sunday, April 24, 2011

What happened to spring?

Here in Florida, it's already summer temperatures and rising... March and April just flew by. Some ups and downs - death in the family, caught the flu... twice, awesome comic book convention, and couple of super art shows.

Megacon was fantastic and I caught the fever! I want to do more! I saw and met wonderful artists and somehow felt like I was in the right place in the center of all things geek. I submitted for DragonCon in Atlanta. Just waiting for the jury rounds to be completed to see if I got in. If not, I'll stick with smaller cons and try out again next year.

My booth at Megacon

I also finished couple of paintings.

Rainmaker - Final
This one was a massive piece for me at 18x24. It took few months to complete, not because it was overly complex but because I did so many smaller (faster) works during it and kept putting it to the sidelines.

One of those smaller works, "Swing" was a fun piece. I tried to paint loose and expressive. And really fast. Not sure if this is "me", but I enjoyed the process.

Coming up in a couple of weeks is ArtRock put on by amazing Amanda Linton. I will be sharing the booth again with my pARTner in crime, Little Lina. Hope to see you there!

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