Art by Erika Taguchi-Newton

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Just completed new hula squid girl painting - huladollsquidgirlsurfs. I will be submitting it to Howley's Restaurant monthly art show. This month's theme is "Summertime Fun Time". It's acrylics and 8x8, a little bigger than the previous hula's. I hope to do some wood-mounted prints and list it on Etsy real soon. It will probably be the same size as the other prints, so it can work as a series.

The original will be for sale at the show.

Also submitting for Illustration Friday theme - Slither.

huladollsquidgirlsurfs Final

WIP - huladollsquidgirlsurfs pencils

UPDATE: Photo at the show
Artist Erika-Taguchi Newton revealed another Hula girl for the show.


Migz said...

that looks fantastic!

Sally Willbanks said...

I think she is gorgeous. I love your delicate style too.

Eva said...

Cute! great style!

cardboardcities said...


sandybau said...

You have a very beautiful and unique style!!

christy sheffield said...

great illustration! such a unique concept. love it!

Steve said...

Very nice piece. A little bit of creepy mixed with innocence...I like it!

Nina Mata said...

i love your style!! such wonderfully attractive eyes which by far my favorite feature :) xoxo