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Friday, September 11, 2009

Must sketch! 9.11.09

I've been doing some spring cleaning (in the fall), and came across some old sketches. I realized that my current sketching exercises are really lacking. The sketching I do now is to plan a final piece. I have forgotten to sketch just to sketch. And the consequence of that is that my current sketches are stiff and lifeless. So I'm taking a cue from a fellow Floridian illustrator (Emma's Daily Sketchbook) and post sketches up every other day. (She does it daily - she's superhuman!) My plan is to take a Deviant Art stock photo of that day, and sketch! The sketches may not be pretty some days but this must be done.

And I'd love some critiques and advise on good sketching techniques. Thanks!

Today's sketch is from faestock:

Critiquing myself, the face ended up terribly skewed. I'm starting to think I have a dominant eye...

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