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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Caution - Illustration Friday

WIP - Caution

He felt brave, though the fingers wrapped tightly around his hand reminded him of a time when he would have preferred a less ominous route. It made him wonder when he had crossed the threshold into being her protector. Had he always been that to her? He glanced at his sister, smiled courageously and swallowed all of the fears that rose up from his belly. With a cautious look of confidence, his mind reassured him that there was nothing to fear.
- Story by Angela Cummings

This is the first collaboration piece with my long lost partner-in-crime. She was able to write this for me after a 10-day hospital stay! And I'm such a loser that I didn't leave enough time for myself to complete my part. I'm not worthy!

UPDATE: Please see my final artwork.

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Sharon Lezotte said...

This is so adorable. Love the expressions of the children.