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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Show & Tell: My Vintage Sewing Machines

This was my late grandma's Sears Kenmore Model # 148-12040:
Sears Kenmore Model 148 12040
It is a basic machine, but sews steady and straight. I actually use it as my primary sewing machine.

I found this at a thrift store - Montgomery Ward Signature URR 251:
Montgomery Ward Signature Sewing Machine URR 251
It's missing a lot of parts. The most crucial - motor and foot pedal. But what attracted me to it is that it still has it's original case. I think I will try to restore it over time.

UPDATE: Found a motor and bobbin cover on eBay - working good! Now I'm debating on how to fix up the case. Should I make it look like the original, or should I update it?


Unknown said...

Any suggestions on where to find a foot presser? I picked a machine up with motor and table, but not power cord or foot pedal.

Erika (Raven Girl) said...

Neal, I found this ebay seller to be very knowledgeable and helpful -